When the Work Is Done, It’s Time to Play

team pic

Our Canadian humanitarians in Belize have finished the work projects they set out to do and are now finishing up their trip with a couple days of R&R.

For the building project, the team was able to put a roof on a classroom, complete interior and exterior painting, frame and install the windows, prepare the ground for a sidewalk, and then construct the sidewalk, complete with mixing the cement by hand.

concrete floor

boy painting

Looks like the painters missed a spot!

school building

school building


As a final gesture, a “time capsule” of sorts was placed in the ground prior to the concrete being poured — in it each team member wrote a little message about their experience in Belize.

coke bottle time capsule

team photo

team photo 2


One of the members of the dental clinic team was able to leave a visual reminder of the team in the mission building that Faith FM provided for the team’s evening and morning meals. She skilfully worked in some “Really Living” touches in a vibrant and cheerful tribute from the Canadian group.

wall mural

The end of the work projects also meant that a sad goodbye was said to Lady B, the team’s canine mascot and faithful companion. The goodbye is temporary however, as team coordinator Szasza Paz and her husband Tino will be adopting her and bringing her home to Canada in three month’s time, if all goes according to plan.

Lady B in carrier

Lady B on leash

Mario and Lady B

Mario gives Lady B a little affection

And so the mission team said goodbye to their home away from home in Santa Elena, and headed out for adventures to include mayan ruins, zip-lining, tubing through river caves, snorkelling, and cultural events.

Santa Elena Belize

Mayan ruins

river tubing



One of the team member’s parents own a fruit orchard in Belize, and the team had a chance to visit and sample some of the luscious fare!

Guy with pineapples

Little girl holding chick


riding in truck

How we roll!


A beautiful hibiscus!


Yes, it’s a tarantula!


We wish our friends in Belize a fun and happy remaining time in Belize and a safe return to Canada!