We Have a Roof!

August 2, 2018

Things are really progressing at the work site! The weather has cooperated nicely and with the installation of steel deck, the Really Living Centre is starting to look like a bona fide building!

Enjoy these pictures taken on Wednesday, August 1:

Working on the parapets all around. The roof parapets will allow for proper drainage off of the roof into internal channels with no need for gutters.

The view from our future offices

The view as you come in through the front doors

These steel clads will be the foundational support of our stone and brick siding all around the building.

The perforated steel deck will allow for sound attenuation. Ambient light will come in through what will be windows in between the timbers.

The auditorium exterior wall is ready for siding

Steel deck in the auditorium. The reason for the perforations is for sound attenuation. They will fill this with insulation that has sound-absorbing qualities.

Things are really taking shape!

Roofers working on the parapets

Our make-shift electrical panel until hydro puts in the actual one. Don’t worry! It’s all legit! ?

Our future side entrance–this is a view of the children’s division from the west

The offices, washrooms, and mechanical rooms all covered now