This Work Site is Rocking and Rolling!

October 18, 2018

Things are really rocking and rolling at the Really Living Centre work site.

This past week saw the delivery of some incredibly large rocks, and lots of them! These one-tonne+ behemoths will form the retaining wall leading onto our green space.

Little rocks are important too! You’ll find a myriad of them neatly rolled level on the floor of the children’s wing, which is now ready for the concrete slab to be poured.

And very small rocks are also being rolled level in our parking area. They form the “granular coat” before paving can occur.

Check out the pictures and progress below.

60-70 armour stones delivered to build a huge retaining wall for green space in the back

A new door was cut out for back stage access from the outside

The children’s wing is ready for its concrete slab

Concrete blocks, blue skin, vapour barrier, 5-inch insulation, and steel siding. This is Fort Knox!

Concrete-faced insulation gives a nice finish to our foundation

It takes big machinery to build a retaining wall with 1-tonne armour stones!

A nice looking work site!

It’s hard to believe this will only hold 200 parking spaces!

Looking south from the front entrance

Must be lunch time!

Putting on the granular coat on the parking lot

The base of this great wall!

The first rows of steel siding are installed at the back of the auditorium

They are finally digging out for the concrete slab in the auditorium

Working on the parking lot