The Trusses Have Arrived

May 10, 2018

A big development this week was the arrival of our steel trusses. Once installed, the steel deck (roof) will be placed on top, and the indoor work can begin.

Here are pictures taken Wednesday, May 09:

The steel trusses are delivered!

This is the first load of trusses with more to come

Children’s wing with bathrooms on the right

This marks the future site of the outdoor patio

It’s a maze in there!

A picture of our future kitchen, taken from inside the cafe—ahead are the accessible and standard height serving windows

Masons are finishing off the children’s wing

That’s a tall gymnasium!

The steel canopy is starting to take shape. See how it wraps around to the front side of the church? This will be a covered walkway between the front and side entrances.

The canopy over the side entrance

The masons have moved to working on the front wall so that the team installing the canopy can complete their installation