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Get answers to questions such as:

  • What predictions has the Bible made that have already come true?
  • When and how will the end of the world happen? Will anyone survive?
  • What’s with all the weird beasts and symbols in the Bible?
  • Do I really go to heaven or hell after I die?
  • What is the “Mark of the Beast” and how do I avoid it?
  • With so many churches teaching so many different things, how can I know what’s true? Does it matter?
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The Speaker

Francis Douville has a keen interest in eschatology, the part of theology concerned with final events of earth’s history and the ultimate destiny of humanity. Having served as a pastor for over 16 years, Francis has preached on many topics and in many settings, but feels that the times we are currently living in demand that our focus be sharpened on what is soon to come, according to the most trustworthy source he knows—the Bible.