“The Case of the Missing Body” Inspires Audience


On Good Friday, March 30, 2018, Really Living’s Drama Troupe presented a story entitled “The Case of the Missing Body” to a very appreciative audience. On trial were the disciples, accused of a secretive plot to remove Jesus’ body from the tomb, following His crucifixion.

The defense however, argued the case for a miraculous resurrection. Evidence was presented on both sides, with witnesses who included Mr. Mammon Moves-Me (a paid false-informant on the side of the prosecution), Doc. Holiday (a physician from the Jerusalem School of Medicine), Detective Harry Reasoner of the JBI (Jerusalem Bureau of Investigation), Joseph of Arimathea, Simon Peter, and Mary Magdalene.

The Honourable Judge Johnson presided over the proceedings which were ultimately decided by a jury in favour of the defense. The evidence of resurrection was just too overwhelming!

To close the evening, Y4C (Youth for Christ) made their debut as a sign and praise dance troupe performing a beautifully choreographed presentation of Kirk Franklin’s song “Don’t Cry”.