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The Best Time of Our Lives


From July 25 to 29, 2016, Really Living hosted a kids’ soccer and drama camp on the grounds of Grandview Adventist Academy in Mount Hope. The following is an account of the fun that ensued.

From unsatisfying results when learning something new to triumphant smiles when new skills or talents were discovered, the kids at soccer and drama camp never stopped wanting to learn and do more. Drama stars were born and soccer stars were forged in our fun but disciplined coaching. You might think that we had the best time of our lives because of the soccer moves learnt or the drama skills attained, but if you thought that then you would be wrong. The best time of our lives was spent getting to know new faces and strengthening existing friendships.

Fun does not begin to describe our time at camp. There is not one word to describe the range of emotions that were on display that week but a couple of phrases do come to mind. It was “short and sweet.” The sweetness was in the games we played like, “On the river, on the bank” and “Musical chairs” in the mornings. It was also in the wide eyes and smiles of the children on the first day when they did not know the fun in store for them. The sweetness was also sampled when parents came to see their children play soccer or act out the play they practiced. It was a sweet week but also a short one. Like Walt Disney said, “Always leave them asking for more…” and that they did.  The number one comment that our parents left was, “It should have been longer…” This is why next year we are looking to have the camp for 2 or 3 weeks depending on our volunteers. While this amazing week cannot be boiled down to one word, this is why I just call it, “the best time of our lives”.