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Our Staff

Frank Dell'Erba

Lead Pastor

Pastor Frank Dell’Erba was born in Canada and grew up in the Toronto area. Pastor Frank’s journey has taken him through many experiences, including studying in the United States and England. He has a bachelor’s degree in theology, has training in the Information Technology industry, and earned his Master of Divinity in 2007 at Andrews University. He graduated with a Doctor of Ministry from Tyndale University, Toronto in 2018 with a focus on leadership and facilitating positive change in the church. Frank is married to Irene and they have two children, Nicholas and Sofia.

Pastor Frank has a passion to see the gospel lived out in the church through authentic spiritual relationships, understanding that Biblical church is a group of people following Jesus together. He considers it his life work to encourage the church to follow the Jesus of Scripture in authentic relationship rather than just “do church” as an obligation or a program to get through, and to share the incredibly good news of the love of Jesus with the world.

José Daniel Sánchez

Associate & Youth Pastor

Jose Daniel Sánchez was born in Venezuela and moved to Toronto, Canada, at age 13. After graduating from Crawford Adventist Academy, he pursued theology at Burman University with the goal of becoming a youth pastor one day. He graduated in 2016, leaving Burman with lasting friendships and cherished memories. Two years later, he married his college sweetheart, Laura Angelica.

Jose began his pastoral call as the youth pastor at College Park Church in Oshawa, ON, where he served for two years. He was then appointed assistant pastor at Kendalwood SDA Church in Whitby, ON, for another year and a half. At the appropriate time, the Ontario Conference sent Jose and Angelica to Andrews University, where he is soon to complete a Master’s in Divinity with a focus on youth and young adult ministry.

Pastor Jose and Angelica share a profound passion for serving God, particularly in youth ministry, media, and music. Pastor Jose enjoys traveling, playing sports, and composing music in his leisure time.

The Sanchez family is excited to be part of the Really Living church community and anticipates the arrival of their first baby girl.

Lauren Davis

Facilities Manager & Communications Coordinator

After spending the first years of her career in broadcast journalism working at The Business News Network and CTV News Channel, Lauren is excited to join the Really Living team.

She obtained her Bachelor’s of Journalism degree from Toronto Metropolitan University and always knew she wanted to find a way to use her knowledge in this field to work for God.

As the communications coordinator, Lauren works to highlight the Really Living Centre as a place of hope and wholeness in the city of Hamilton. Social media planning, content creating, and media relations all encompass her work in this role.

As the facilities manager, Lauren aims to ensure the operations of the building are maintained. All rental coordination can go through her through our facilities page on our website.