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Small Groups

Join a small group today!

Available sign-up sheets can be found in our church hall. Groups are limited to six people and meetings will commence the week of April 7th.

What is Roots?

Roots is Really Living’s small group program.

Just as strong roots grow deep, through our small groups we hope to foster deep relationships, and develop deep trust in God and in His word.

You may have heard of small groups by some of their other names: care groups, cell groups, or home groups.

What happens in a small group?

Several individuals, usually between six to ten in number, gather together in the comfort of a group member’s home to connect with each other, encourage one another, build deeper friendships, and grow spiritually.

Roots gatherings are typically held once a week, and last about one-and-a-half hours. There is a facilitator who leads the discussion, using questions that are provided to all Roots groups meeting that week.

How do I get involved?

Roots is set up to run in several six- to ten-week sessions throughout the year, with breaks between sessions. Group members are free to join, leave, or switch groups between sessions. Roots does not take place during the summer months.

Contact the church office for information on when the next session begins.