Serving Hands Report


Our Serving Hands team had the opportunity to assist approximately 150 members of our greater community in downtown Hamilton this past Saturday evening, January 23, from 8 to 11 pm.

On this particular evening, our dedicated team consisting of Julie and Ron Satelmayer, Freida and Guy Iannucci, and Brenda and Don DeMedeirios served chili, pasta, and salad. They distributed approximately 300lbs of groceries, bread and other food items to those less fortunate.

Laurie, a lady who just had surgery to remove blood clots, asked for, and received prayer from several of our team members to assist in her recovery from the surgery. Please let us all remember her in our prayers this coming week.

Please thank our team for their dedication on a cold (-8℃) evening.

Here are a few photos from Serving Hands over the years: