Packing on the Pounds (In a Good Way)


After a 1-year hiatus from our annual food drive in support of Hamilton Mountain’s Neighbour to Neighbour food bank, our 2018 event was an awesome experience for all who participated.

Despite a rainy and cold week for distributing our collection bags, our fearless small groups braved the cold, passing out around 3000 bags in various neighbourhoods, with instructions for the residents on what to put in them, and when to place them out on their doorsteps for collection.

The afternoon of Saturday, October 20 was unseasonably cold and cloudy, but with hearts for helping the hungry in our community, our volunteers set out undaunted, eager to gather non-perishable donations from generous Hamiltonians.

Upon completing the collection, and as the rain began to fall, all groups gathered together at the food bank to drop off the goods, in eager anticipation of whether we had met our goal: 3000 pounds of food (our previous record was 2800 pounds).

When all was accounted for, we were floored at the result. 6144 pounds of non-perishable food items were collected through the drive—more than twice our goal!

The volunteers and staff from Neighbour to Neighbour were so appreciative on behalf of the residents they serve. One noted that everything she noticed coming in seemed to be exactly what was missing from their shelves at the present time.

We look forward to trying to beat our record next year. As our Community Services Coordinator, Pastor Benton, shared with us, this year we have collected the equivalent of half the weight of an average African elephant. Next year can we do a full elephant’s worth?

Thank you to all who participated in the collection, and extra thanks to our kind and benevolent neighbours here in Hamilton who gave from the bottom of their hearts.