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Oil Change 2020

While 2020 has seen its share of turmoil and uncertainty, there are still pockets of hope to be found. On Sunday, September 27, one such pocket of hope happened in the parking lot at Really Living.

Past “Free Oil Change for Single Parents” events have certainly seen bigger crowds of volunteers. Although the numbers this year were kept down in order to help manage risks, there was no lack of spirit among the close to 30 eager helpers present, who welcomed our pre-registered guests, changed oil, washed cars, checked tire pressure and fluid levels, shuttled cars between stations, or topped up gas.

Thanks to a Hamilton Spectator article published days before the event, more attention than usual was garnered, with positive feedback from the community at large.

As the event wrapped up and the final participant’s freshly-serviced car drove away, there was definite agreement on one thing: we just can’t wait to do it again!