November in Review

December 14, 2017

Here is a pictorial update of some of the construction activity that has taken place through the month of November:

Pictures Taken November 15

Landon Mechanical are our new plumbing contractors — putting drains and sewer lines

Standing in the future spine (aka atrium) looking west

The auditorium is going to feel huge!

The stage and baptistry

The whole crew is blocking the future auditorium

Pictures Taken November 21

Building the wall

Digging for the plumbing lines

The auditorium is taking shape

Pictures Taken November 24

The building at sunset

Working on the auditorium

Pictures Taken November 28

24 feet tall below the soon-coming steel joists

Church building from the south parking lot

Due to high winds the mason crew got pulled off the job. Just a little bit left to do to finish off that wall!

Due to high winds the walls have to be braced

Future patio — looks like we will have the sun for fun evenings!

Future stage with baptistry

Granular laid down for the soon-coming big trucks

More granular

Plumbing has to do a lot of prep work

Scaffolding and blocking never ends

Looks like the Washington Monument… not quite as tall

We thought a water trough would be better than a mosh pit for the front of the stage ?

West view of front stage