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Mission World

Bringing hope and wholeness to communities around the world

Our Vision
At Mission World, we see a world where the basic necessities of life — food, clean water, shelter, sanitation, healthcare, and education — are accessible to everyone. As such we endeavour to improve the quality of lives in villages around the world.
Our Story
Since 2007 we’ve been conducting periodic mission projects around the globe. In 2018 we expanded our efforts under the ‘Mission World’ umbrella, with a greater emphasis on networking with like-minded individuals in Hamilton and beyond.
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Consider making your next vacation one that will leave a lasting impact on others. Our trips are a great opportunity to improve the lives of those in need, all while making new friends and experiencing diverse cultures around the world. Anyone is welcome to participate regardless of religious affiliation.

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Current Projects

2024 Peru Mission

Really Living Centre is pleased to announce that after a three-year-long hiatus we are returning to the mission field. In October 2024 we will be heading to the country of Peru to improve the lives of indigenous communities in the Andes mountains.

Covid-19 impacted the lives of everyone around the globe – especially our already vulnerable communities. This mission trip was originally planned for 2020, but unfortunately the pandemic derailed our plans. But how fortunate we are to now be able to head to Peru to show the kindness and compassion of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

The focus of this trip will be to construct warm homes for the community. Villages in the Andes of Peru can be located 14,000 feet above sea level with temperatures plummeting to -21 degrees celsius. The difficult terrain, poor air quality and freezing temperatures make the Andes a harsh habitat to live in. However, many indigenous peoples call this home and have been in these locations for generations.

We will be working on the homes to create a warm and safe environment for families to live in. These fixes will include: solar panel for electric lighting, wooden floors, stove upgrades with metal chimney’s for proper venting. We will also be installing new bathrooms. These changes will ensure homes are fresh, clean and warm!

To read up on our previous work with ADRA Peru, check out this article: https://adra.ca/stories/warm-houses-and-warm-hearts/

May the Lord bless you today,

Really Living Mission Team

Headed to the dentist?

Please consider bringing this letter with you which has donation requests for our mission trip regarding dental tools/equipment.

Completed Projects

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October 2019
November 2018
May 2018
October 2016
Dominican Republic
October 2014
October 2012
Ada N

One of the beautiful things about doing dental missions is that the people who we have the opportunity to treat are so grateful. Honestly, I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart as well! Their belief and genuine kindness touched not only my soul but also impacted so many of our team in a most beautiful way.

Tony B
Laos, Belize, Peru

I feel so grateful for these opportunities, to be able to help where I can, for the new friends and to be able to experience a whole new way of seeing the world. I can’t wait for the next “Experience”.

Taegan T
Belize, Peru

I am so fortunate to have experienced what Belize and Peru have to offer with two amazing mission trip groups through Mission World. During my trips my eyes were opened to the richness and diversity of cultures around the world. Gaining this new perspective has been life changing for me and even influenced my postsecondary studies. Thank you for this enriching experience!

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We partner with like-minded local community members from the Greater Hamilton Area to share the abundance we have with those who have less. Every year we organize multiple short-term service/mission trips around the globe. Interested members of the community are invited to join us on our humanitarian adventures.


100% of donations go toward project expenses. Administration fees are covered by our parent organization. All donations are tax-deductible. Participants receive a charitable receipt for their trip fees. Contact us for more information.


Missions Coordinator: Szasza Paz

Phone: 905-679-6363

Email: admin@reallyliving.ca

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Take part in a life-changing opportunity by joining us on an upcoming trip.

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