Marching Forward

March 8, 2018

The first week of March brought more below-zero temperatures resulting in the need to continue tarping in order to maintain adequate temperature for the masonry work.

The current masonry thrust is on the children’s divisions. Following that, the entrance, gym, atrium, cafe and kitchen walls will need to be completed.

Steel trusses are now on order and are expected to arrive in six weeks time. After installation, work can begin on the roof.

Here are pictures taken on the first day of March:

Everyone is hard at work setting pillars in place for the front entrance

Masons working on the front office wall. Pastor Francis took this picture through his future office window.

The auditorium is ready for the trusses. You can see the slots at the top of the wall.

There is a pretty sharp drop from our building to the little creek behind

We have to keep bracing until the trusses are in place

We have had such wet conditions that we have been pumping water off the site for weeks. Perhaps we should transform our two community rooms into a pool?

What the job site looks like from the road