Really Living Kids


Ages 0–10 | SATURDAys*
  • PART 1: 10–10:55 am
  • PART 2: 11:30 am–12:30 pm

We want to engage your children with interactive and fun activities that teach them to share, to be patient, to be loving, and so much more. What better way to do that than with a variety of crafts, games, stories, and more!

*Some exceptions apply. See schedule.

Upcoming Schedule

There are no upcoming events at this time.


Really Living Kids is our weekly children’s programming for those up to and including 10 years of age. It is divided into classes by age: 0-4, 5-7, and 8-10. It consists of two parts.

PART 1 is where the week’s Bible story/theme is introduced and taught through various activities. Our program is based on the GraceLink curriculum of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

PART 2 builds on the theme of Part 1. It includes a craft component as well as less structured experiential elements.

NOTE: Each child 4 years of age and under, must be accompanied by a parent/guardian to participate.


10–10:55 AM
Really Living Kids Part 1

10:55 AM
Volunteers bring children to the auditorium where they join their parents for a joint praise session (live music) and prayer, beginning at 11 am.

11:30 AM (APPROX.)
A slide is displayed on the main screen, letting kids know it’s time to leave the auditorium for Really Living Kids Part 2. Volunteers receive them at the auditorium doors to take them back to the children’s wing.

12:30 PM (APPROX.)
Whenever the auditorium service ends, parents come to the children’s wing entrance to collect their children.



Each child attending Really Living Kids needs to be registered before their first attendance. Registration forms are available onsite, but we encourage you to download, print, and complete one in advance, bringing it with you to your child’s first time attending.


Parents, bring your child(ren) to the CHECK-IN window (entrance to children’s wing) each week to receive matching wrist bands, one for parent and one for child. This is your “claim ticket” to collect your child at the end of the program.


Part 1: 9:45–10:15 am
Note: Doors to children’s wing open at 10 am; parents must watch children until then.

Part 2: 11–11:30 am
Note: Doors to children’s wing open at 11:30 am; parents must watch children until then.

Outside of these hours, we will not have volunteers available to check your children in, so please arrive on time so you don’t miss out!

Note: Wrist bands are only needed for children aged 5 and up. Those aged 4 and under must attend in company of a parent/guardian at all times, and thus will not require a wrist band. However, parents of aged 0–4 must arrive at the posted entry times to access the secure area.



All children checked-in to Part 1 of Really Living Kids will be escourted to the main auditorium at 10:55 am to join their parents for the Praise & Prayer portion of the main service.

Please watch for your child(ren) to arrive.

They are in your care from that point on until the time when they are dismissed from the front to return to the children’s wing for Part 2 (approximately 11:30 am).

A volunteer will meet them at the auditorium exit to accompany them to the children’s wing.


Please come to the entrance to the children’s wing each week as soon as the main adult service ends (approximately 12:30 pm).

You will be matched up with your child(ren) using the wristbands provided at check-in.

Our volunteers must wait for your children to leave before beginning cleaning and sanitization. We thank you for being considerate of this and promptly checking your children out after the service.


We take great precaution with your child’s safety and this is why all of our volunteers 18 years and older must provide a Police Vulnerable Sector Check. The children & youth wing of our church is a secure area, with a monitored entrance during children’s programs.