Hello spring. Hello progress!

April 26, 2018

As winter finally turns to spring, things are really starting to take shape on our building site! Take a tour of the progress by viewing the pictures below, taken April 23–26, 2018.

A view from the front

It’s a busy site this morning! The masons are now making their way down the spine of the building.

Canopy steel delivery. An outdoor canopy will wrap around from the front to the side entrance.

Facing the east wall of the gym. Masons are working on the final wall on the left. Ahead, you can see the kitchen window and entrance, with an exit to the outside on the right.

Looking from the heated storage area to the unheated storage area

Future garage bay for such things as our free oil change for single parents

Heated storage room

Install of the canopy steel

Install of the canopy steel

Middle wall of the auditorium

Out future gym. The doorway gives access to the heated storage room on the west side.

Plumbing has been roughed in for the bathrooms and mechanical room

The canopy steel will be a walkway feature

View from the front as canopy is being installed

The blocking of the corridor (gym wall and atrium)

The gymnasium

The last wall of the auditorium is finally being built

The outside doors of the gym

The unheated storage

This will be a very large building!