Creation Health

Eight Weeks + Eight Principles = A Better Life for You!

Saturdays  |  11 am–12:30 pm  |  March 7–April 25, 2020


Creation Health is a FREE eight-week series highlighting simple yet effective principles for healthy living.

  • Practical presentations will encourage you with tips and best practices to achieve the life you’ve always wanted.
  • Healthy food demonstrations will show you how easy it can be to add more plant-based, whole foods into your meals.
  • Participate in our exercise challenge, and feel the benefits of increasing your physical activity every day.
  • Join a mid-week small group to discuss with others how the eight principles impact your life.
  • Taste delicious and healthy food at monthly vegan/vegetarian potluck lunches.

This series will be presented in conjunction with our regular weekly worship services.

From 11 to 11:30 am there will be a praise service (live music) and prayer. If you wish to come only for the health presentations, please arrive around 11:30.

Join Our Exercise Challenge!

Our Goal: Walk Around America in 8 Weeks!

—Our Progress—

Week 1: 344 km
Week 2: 694 km
Week 3: 990 km
Week 4: 854 km
Week 5: 515 km
Week 6: 526 km
Week 7: 1032 km

Total: 4945

Creation Health participants will log their exercise in March and April.

  • Each week, we’ll tally how many minutes we’ve exercised and record 1 km for every 15 minutes of moderate-high intensity aerobic activity.
  • Our goal is to walk the equivalent of Hamilton to Jacksonville FL, to Los Angeles CA, to Seattle WA, and back to Hamilton, a distance of 9750 km!

120 people exercising 20 minutes a day for eight weeks will enable us to reach our goal!

Considering the circumstances we are very pleased to have gotten this far!

As the series is now over, we are ending the tracking after our 7th week, having gotten more than half way.

For the good of your health, keep walking!

Series Schedule

Choice is the first step toward improving your well- being. Before we can achieve positive changes in any area of our lives, we must choose to do so. Conscious decision making is key to experiencing the positive impact of good choices.

Rest is incredibly powerful. It refreshes, rejuvenates, regenerates and rebuilds the mind, body and soul. Rest empowers you to function at your best.

Environment is the external space outside of us but that which affects what happens within us. All of our senses — sight, smell, sound, touch and taste — can influence our mood as well as our health.

A health-focused potluck lunch will follow this week’s presentation.

Activity includes both mental and physical movement and development. The mind and the body are intimately connected. A fit mind promotes a fit body, and a fit body promotes a fit mind.

A trusting relationship with the Creator empowers every aspect of our lives and enables us to achieve the fullness of CREATION Health.

Interpersonal relationships will not be the same in every respect for any two people, although ideally these connections should generate a similar sense of openness, generosity, and goodwill. Although they take work, good relationships are one of our greatest blessings.

A positive outlook colors your perspective on life. Recent research suggests that your attitude influences your health and even impacts the progression of disease. This makes a positive outlook a gift you give to yourself.

A health-focused potluck lunch will follow this week’s presentation.

Nutrition is the fuel that drives the whole system. Even small improvements, done regularly, multiply the health benefits many times over. Research has consistently shown the importance of a good diet on your health, energy levels, and longevity.