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A Dream Come True:

Serving Hamilton From Our Own Place

For almost two decades our church members and attendees have dreamed of the day when we could not only have weekly worship services in our own place, but more importantly, host public programs and events of benefit to the greater community of Hamilton and beyond.

Since moving into the newly-completed Really Living Centre this past July, that dream has been realized. In fact, within the past several weeks alone, three of our existing community programs were able to experience the convenience and fun of ‘hosting from home’ for the first time.

Boot Camp Resumes After Two-Year Break

From October 29–November 28, Active Living Boot Camp was held for the first time in our new 7000 square-foot gymnasium. In 2016, when the program began, costs were high to rent a venue but organizers felt the investment was worth it. However after just two years the program had to be put on hiatus due to lack of available venues.

For these reasons it was especially sweet to be able to reinvigorate this group workout program, without the expense of renting a facility. After a successful first go, organizers look forward to the next session, beginning early January.

‘Back to School’ for Green Cuisine

With the awakening public interest in plant-based cooking, Green Cuisine Cooking School provides an intimate and hands-on experience for those diving into the realm of a vegan lifestyle. Previous classes had to be mobile, with a lot of set up and take down time, as they were held in community rooms at grocery stores, and more recently, the church from which we formerly rented space. So hosting the program at the Really Living Centre this past month was a real joy for organizers. The commercial kitchen and attached café provided all the comfort and convenience needed to have a successful program with a full class of eager students.

Another session, scheduled for March of 2020, has not yet opened for registration, but already has several individuals interested in signing up for the eight available spaces.

Bringing Holiday Cheer to Hamilton & Area Families

One of our longest-running community programs, the Christmas edition of Gift Club for Kids (formerly Christmas Shopping Mall) was held at Really Living on the evening of December 6. With performances to enjoy, as well as games, crafts, snacks, prizes, and the main event—choosing gifts for family members—friendships were built and renewed at this cheer-filled event.

Organizers are already planning ahead for the Mother’s Day edition of the program, to be held for the first time in the new building on May 9, 2020.

The Best is Yet to Come

“We are so immeasurably blessed to have a state-of-the-art facility at our disposal,” says Lead Pastor of Really Living, Francis Douville. “We’re grateful to the generous individuals who made this possible and we don’t take the responsibility lightly.”

Volunteers are eager to expand and continue to improve the community-based programs and services offered in the future, so that more can experience the great joy that comes from really living.