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Depression Recovery


You are not alone.  Major depression is the most common mood disorder worldwide.  It knows no cultural, social, or economic barriers and is largely misunderstood.  Dr. Nedley’s Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program has successfully helped thousands not only identify and correct the cause of depression, but also improve overall mental performance.
We Can Help You
Improve your memory, concentration, sleep, relationships, and overall mental, physical and spiritual health.
Learn How To
Identify depression and anxiety and their causes
Improve your emotional intelligence
Enhance your energy levels and mood
Live above loss


“Before Depression Recovery I felt inadequate and ineffectual in every task. I embraced the thought of peace in death. At Depression Recovery my counselors gave insight to the deplorable self-talk I was engaged in. I have been given the tools of cure. For largely the first time, I see hope!” – High School History Teacher
“Life was one mind numbing experience after another. Negative thoughts always seemed to be swirling around in my head. I was a little skeptical, but I took a leap of faith—especially considering the cost. Right now I think: You’ve given us a very good deal. My mind is thriving. I can’t believe this is me.” – Divorced Mother, Recently Remarried
“Before Depression Recovery I felt nothing. I was just existing but not experiencing life. Nothing gave me happiness or pleasure. At Depression Recovery I started noticing a change… shed a few tears and laughs. My emotions are coming back. I’m even smiling.” – Young Post-college Working Man with OCD and Depression

Program Details

Free Info Session: TBD

Start Date: TBD

Days: Monday Nights

Times: 7pm to 9pm

Cost: $25 per person

Dr. Evelyn Bent-Rattray
Program Coordinator
Dr. Evelyn Bent-Rattray has a Ph.D. In Marriage and Family Therapy, a Master’s in Social Work and a Bachelor of Science in Counselling.  She has a private practice in Stoney Creek where she does marriage, couples, family and individual therapy where she works extensively with clients with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.
Dr. Neil Nedley
Instructor (pre-recorded)

Neil Nedley, MD, is founder and medical director of the community-based and residential Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Programs™ and Optimize Your Brain™. Dr. Nedley is an award-winning practicing physician who also serves as president of Weimar University, a higher education college that houses the NEWSTART program.

Register Now

If you are interested in participating in this 8-week program, please use the form below to submit a registration request.  Please note that submitting your info does not guarantee a spot in the program.  Once we have received your info we will follow up with you via your chosen communication method to complete your registration.