Danger: Men Working Above

September 6, 2018

The presence of a single sign can say so much.

In the case of this particular sign—”Danger, Men Working Above”— the message behind the message is what’s of greatest significance to so many of us who are anxiously counting the days to our building project’s completion. That message is this—our roof is going on!

The installation of the roof marks a major project milestone, making way for a myriad of other tasks, the first of which will be the pouring of the slab (floor). Interior work can then take off in earnest.

Have a look at the site progress for this week—the first week of September:

Flynn is our commercial roofing company — they’ve “got us covered”!

G A Masonry hard at work

Getting the atrium nice and level

Our atrium

Front wall under steel canopy

Putting in the window frames in our gym

Nice job on the stone siding!

Roof work has begun in order to make our building water tight.

This machine will give the roofers the heat they need to seal our roof.

The gym will be the second roof to be sealed. It’s ready to go!

The first lower level of siding is stone. The masons are working on the front and side before Rankin comes in to get the entrance ready for paving.

The final touch stone goes on top of the spray foam insulation.

The back of the auditorium and conference rooms are ready for stone brick and aluminium siding.

The administrative wing facing north