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COVID-19 Bags of Hope

Throughout the initial COVID-19 months of April to June, 2020, volunteers from Really Living were delighted to be able to purchase, pack, and deliver hundreds of free bags of groceries to those in need within Hamilton and neighbouring communities. Bags of Hope was made possible by a generous grant from ADRA Canada, as well as an allocation of funds from Really Living’s Serving Hands program along with individual donations.

Applicants to the program received milk, eggs, bread, potatoes, pasta, and soup, to help see them through the job loss, layoffs, and other coronavirus-related hardships. Bags were delivered to the doorstep of those requesting them within a defined catchment area, while those from outside the area were able to pre-arrange to pick up a bag at the Really Living Centre.

The project’s coordinator expressed his appreciation to the many volunteers who participated:

“Thank you for being willing to serve! Through you, our community was able to see tangible hope during these last few months and this initiative also stirred up people to see how they can serve during difficult times. You were the essential hands and feet that went out to help in time of need and for this, we at Really Living thank you.”

—Benton Lowe, Community Services Coordinator