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Community Gardens Take Shape at Really Living


Community gardens support healthy neighbourhoods and contribute to community revitalization by improving access to fresh and healthy produce. Also known as urban agriculture, the benefits are numerous: increased food security, improved dietary habits, improved mental health, promotion of physical activity, better soil and air quality, and a reduction in “food miles” (transport needed for fresh produce), just to name a few.

Really Living’s Men’s’ Ministry, under the direction of Bentley Rattray, has undertaken a community garden development project on our property this fall. Located near the southeast corner of the property, the finished gardens will cover a 50 x 50 foot area, and will include a 14 x 14 foot paved pad in the centre, the location of a wooden gazebo.

Fifteen raised garden beds will be built surrounding the gazebo, each bed measuring 12 x 4 feet in surface area. The beds will be shared between members of the public and the church.

Applications for gardening space are expected to open in March 2022 in advance of the planting season next spring.

In just under three weeks since the physical work began, an estimated 200 man-hours of labour have already been put into construction, as our team of volunteers races to take advantage of the small remaining vestiges of mild weather.

Have a look at the work in progress by clicking the thumbnails below, and stay tuned for future updates!