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  • Ages 55+
  • Low to moderate walking in gymnasium/parking lot
  • Transportation may be available for nearby residents

Now–April 2, 2020
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 11 am–1 pm

More Info: Call 905.679.6363 during office hours.

We were created to move! When we sit for long periods of time, the body suffers in many ways. One simple way to positively contribute to your overall health is to walk. Check out some of the amazing benefits of walking, below.

  • Walking improves circulation.

    It wards off heart disease, brings up the heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and strengthens the heart.

  • Walking lightens mood.

    It releases natural pain-killing endorphins to the body, which is one of the emotional benefits of exercise.

  • Walking can lead to weight loss.

    A brisk, 30-minute walk burns 200 calories.

  • Walking improves sleep.

    As little as 10 minutes of walking can dramatically improve the quality of your nighttime sleep, especially when done on a regular basis. What’s more, exercisers may reduce their risk for developing troublesome sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome.

  • Walking supports your joints.

    Impact that comes from movement or compression such as walking, “squishes” the cartilage, bringing oxygen and nutrients into the area. If you don’t walk, joints are deprived of life-giving fluid which can speed deterioration.

  • Walking strengthens muscles.

    This increases your range of motion, shifting the pressure and weight from your joints and muscles, which are meant to handle weight, helping to lessen arthritis pain and even increase arm muscles, if you pump them while you walk.


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