Attend our 8-week program, one night a week, and experience a better life.

Our Next Session: Wednesdays, April 8–May 27, 2020

More information will be provided in advance of this session.


What You'll Experience

Join the community of thousands who have found freedom from depression and anxiety. Nedley™ Community Depression and Anxiety Recovery Programs are held throughout the world. Our program is well-researched, scientifically-based, and encompasses the whole person.


  • Identify depression and anxiety and their causes
  • Improve your emotional intelligence
  • Enhance your energy levels and mood
  • Overcome depression and/or anxiety through positive lifestyle choices
  • Eat for optimal brain function
  • Manage stress without distress
  • Live above loss
  • Improve brain function
  • Defeat depression and anxiety through right thinking
  • Achieve peak mental performance

The Fine Print

The Community Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program is an educational program and is not designed to take the place of either your doctor or professional counselor.

This program is not licensed to, or involved in, prescribing, adjusting, or discontinuing depression medication. Participants are encouraged to seek a medical professional should any of these medication needs arise.

A workbook (approx $50 value) is included with attendance. Purchase of additional seminar materials is optional.


Really Living Centre
2060 Upper James Street, Hamilton ON

Please park on south side of building and come in through side entrance.



I enjoyed learning more about nutrition and I enjoyed learning how depression affects so many other aspects of health.
The reading material was awesome! My favorite lesson was the one on dealing with loss. It is something practical I can share with others.
The facilitators really knew their information and in turn were able to point us to key areas we could improve in our lives. 
The groups were wonderful! I felt like we became a little family, where we could share and not worry what we said. I also loved all the information I learned to help others struggling and to better myself in the process.
Following this program for just 8-weeks has been so very helpful spiritually, mentally, and physically.