Hear the Word.

Then put it in action.

Our most recent sermons are listed below. For previous sermons please visit our vimeo channel.

Bootcamp For the Last Days-Fit for Heaven
Running on Empty

Speaker: Guest Speaker
August 19, 2017

Guest Speaker: Anslim Rodney

The Answer Lies in the Soil

Speaker: Guest Speaker
August 12, 2017

Guest Speaker: Bentley Rattray

I Want Your Time
Act forgiven
Remember the Promise

Speaker: Guest Speaker
July 22, 2017

Guest Speaker: Dr. Winston A. Richards

Train then Trust
What’s that in Your Hand?
the Double-edged Sword
the Marshmallow Test
“High Hills”
Contagious Christianity

Speaker: Guest Speaker
April 29, 2017

Guest Speaker: Pastor Richard Roschman