Hear the Word.

Then put it in action.

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Train then Trust
What’s that in Your Hand?
the Double-edged Sword
the Marshmallow Test
“High Hills”
Contagious Christianity

Speaker: Guest Speaker
April 29, 2017

Guest Speaker: Pastor Richard Roschman

All In – You Must Prophecy Again

Speaker: Guest Speaker
April 22, 2017

Guest Speaker: Pastor Paul Casey

Hear. See. Believe.

Speaker: Guest Speaker
April 15, 2017

Really Living Drama Group

All In – We are Marching

Speaker: Guest Speaker
April 01, 2017

Guest Speaker: Pastor Charles Skeete

No More Sin: One Compartment at a Time – Part 3
No More Sin-One Compartment at a Time: Part 2
No More Sin – One Compartment at a Time: Part 1