Hear the Word.

Then put it in action.

Our most recent sermons are listed below. For previous sermons please visit our vimeo channel.

Infinite Goodness
Come to Jesus
My Mess, His Glory
Bootcamp for the Last Days – Jesus Rising
Bootcamp for the Last Days-Endurance Training
Bootcamp for the Last Days-the March of the Beast
Bootcamp for the Last Days-Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid
Bootcamp for the Last Days-the Last Message
Bootcamp For the Last Days-Defensive Dining
Bootcamp For the Last Days-Fit for Heaven
Running on Empty

Speaker: Guest Speaker
August 19, 2017

Guest Speaker: Anslim Rodney

The Answer Lies in the Soil

Speaker: Guest Speaker
August 12, 2017

Guest Speaker: Bentley Rattray

I Want Your Time
Act forgiven
Remember the Promise

Speaker: Guest Speaker
July 22, 2017

Guest Speaker: Dr. Winston A. Richards