Hear the Word.

Then put it in action.

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The Little Theatre of Love
Metaphorically Living
You Get What You See
Jesus Loves Me

Speaker: Guest Speaker
June 08, 2019

Guest Speaker: Brenda DeMedeiros

In the Footsteps of Jesus-the Wreckless Love of God

Speaker: Guest Speaker
May 25, 2019

Guest Speaker: Bentley Rattray

In the Footsteps of Jesus-Ready
In the Footsteps of Jesus-Time to Wake Up
In the Footsteps of Jesus-Believe
Compassion Hamilton-In Us, With Us, Through Us

Speaker: Guest Speaker
April 27, 2019

Guest Speaker: Pastor Donaldson

Compassion Hamilton-Disciples
Compassion Hamilton-Dimensions of Love in the Teachings of Jesus

Speaker: Guest Speaker
April 06, 2019

Guest Speaker: Pastor Emerson

In the Footsteps of Jesus-Show and Tell
In the Footsteps of Jesus: God Will Never Leave You

Speaker: Guest Speaker
March 23, 2019

Guest Speaker: James Meyer

In the Footsteps of Jesus-Practical Preacher
In the Footsteps of Jesus: At the Pool of Bethesda