Prayer Huddle

Prayer Huddle is a weekly drop-in prayer session that takes place each Saturday morning before our services begin. It takes place from 9:15–10 am in Conference Room A. All are welcome!

Prayer Breakfasts

Prayer breakfasts are held several Sunday mornings throughout the year. They start with a free, light breakfast, and close with a time of leader-facilitated prayer and spiritual reflection.

Agape Feasts

Agape feasts are held on Friday nights approximately two times a year. Our candlelit gym serves as the venue for this meditative time of fellowship, communion, praise and prayer.

The agape feast portion consists of a light meal typically of fruits, breads, and spreads. After eating and fellowshipping together, we hold a communion service (“The Lord’s Supper“) performing the symbolic acts of foot washing and partaking of the emblems — bread and grape juice.

Adventists practice “open communion” — you do not have to be a member to take part. All are welcome to participate in these symbols, but should feel very comfortable to simply observe.

Week of Prayer

Once or twice a year, our Prayer Ministry team holds a Week of Prayer event where participants gather each evening to spend time in prayer and spiritual reflection. Each Week of Prayer follows a theme, typically sourced from the Revival and Reformation prayer curriculum of the worldwide Adventist Church.