Building Update

front end loader and workmen

The Really Living Centre, which will house our church as well as serve as host for community programs and events, is closer than ever to officially breaking ground on construction.

Here’s the current building project status:

  • We have SPA (Site Planning Approval) from the City (although we haven’t officially received notice yet).
  • Our building permit application has been reviewed twice by the city; we are awaiting final approval.
  • Ira McDonald Construction Ltd. has been hired as construction manager. They will be tendering out for trades shortly.
  • Currently, drainage, sanitation, sewer, and storm water works are being completed by Rankin onsite.

Here are some recent pictures of their work:

Working on drainage

Working at the entrance of our property

Sanitary line

Parking lot location

Parking lot location

“Living World Christian Centre” Close enough 🙂

Digging the overflow drainage

Digging for the sanitary line

Digging for sanitary line

Church building area — southwest corner

Church building location




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