Building Update

July 5, 2018

Work currently being completed at the site includes staining and protection of the timbers, finishing masonry on the front and rear entrances, installation of trusses in the gym, to be followed by installation of steel deck for the whole building.

Masonry on all walls is now complete.

Working on the front entrance. The timbers have been stained.

The stain must be wiped to keep the wood features alive.

The sanctuary walls and trusses are finished.

The patio is starting to take shape. The cafe walls are finished.

The cafe walls are finished. Ahead will be the garage door opening to the patio area.

Taken from the atrium, this picture shows the masons finishing the front entrance.

Painters have been commissioned to stain and varnish the timbers along the atrium. This must be done before the steel deck is installed.