Building a Place of Hope and Wholeness

November 9, 2017

Progress continues at the Really Living Centre worksite. After so many years of waiting, hoping, working, and praying, it seems almost unreal that walls are taking shape and that we can now clearly see the delineation of the various components of our future church and community facility.

Here are some pictures from the week of November 6, 2017:

We have a pool!

View from the north

View from the auditorium – west

View from the auditorium – southwest

View from the auditorium – southeast

View from the auditorium – east

Too much rain!

Quite the worksite!

Pouring the front pillars

Our theatrical consultant is checking out the auditorium

Our future stage – you can see the baptistry in the middle

Making sure everything is level

Lots and lots of blocks

Getting the blocks out of the way

Future walls

Future pergola and walkway

Children’s department

Blocks and rocks

Back wall to our future stage