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Boxing Fundamentals


Looking for a new way to get fit? Get ready to punch and sweat your way to a more active YOU with our ‘Boxing Fundamentals’ classes.

This program focuses on the fundamental techniques of boxing including footwork, punching and defence. It does not involve any combat or sparring.

This means that you can enjoy all the benefits of boxing, such as improved cardiovascular health, increased strength & muscle tone, and reduced stress & anxiety without the stress of fighting.

Classes are fun, engaging and suitable for all fitness levels making it the perfect program for anyone looking to improve their fitness, strength and overall well-being!

Participants Will Learn:
  • the fundamentals of boxing,
  • body positioning and stance,
  • individual punch techniques, and
  • punch combinations.

Upcoming Session

8 Weeks | 8 One-hour Workouts

Mondays, 7pm – 8pm

DATES: February 5, 2024 – March 26, 2024

COST: $16 per session (plus 6.25% processing fee)


*Registration is closed*

What to Bring:
  • a refillable water bottle (a filtered filling station is available)
  • a towel
  • comfortable clothes
  • non-marking shoes
  • IMPORTANT: For safety and liability, participants may not wear glasses in this program

Important Notes Before Registering

  • As mentioned in the name (“101 Workouts”), this is an entry-level cardio workout class for individuals with little to no experience in the sport of boxing.
  • The fundamentals of boxing will be learned and applied for the purpose of cardio exercise and not for sparring. This is not a class designed to be an advanced boxing training camp; it is not the intent of this program to prepare individuals to fight competitively.
  • A “hand-to-hand” approach will be used; only hands wearing boxing gloves will make contact with hands wearing focus mitts. Participants will solely be using boxing gloves with focus mitts as targets. No intentional physical contact with the body (punches and kicks in all their forms) except for “hand-to-hand” will be practiced or tolerated.
  • Used boxing gloves and focus mitts will be available to participants for the workout sessions. If preferred, you may bring or seek out and purchase your own equipment.


Ready to sign up?

Click the “register now” link below to be taken to our online registration system. Online payment is due at the time of registration.

If you cannot facilitate online payment you may complete your registration in person during office hours at 2060 Upper James Street in Hamilton.

Venue Details

Really Living Centre

2060 Upper James Street

Hamilton, ON

Please park on south side of building and come in through side entrance.

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