Back to Belize


And so another mission trip to the rural village of Billy White in Belize is underway!

Following up on a trip this past spring that focused on a school building project and dental clinic, the current trip’s purpose is to construct an additional classroom/building for the school as well as share some medical education and basic healthcare with the villagers, courtesy of our volunteer nurses.

Our fearless team have been posting lots of photos and videos on social media. Upon their return, a full report of their adventures will be presented, but in the meantime, here is a sneak peek of what’s been happening.

From the pictures below you will pick up on a couple of things:

  • The weather has been unfavourably rainy, but good progress is being made on the construction project all the same.
  • Interaction with the school children brings a lot of joy to the volunteers. Skipping has been a popular pastime!
  • Continuing in the adopt-a-pet tradition (a lucky dog was adopted and brought to Canada from the past spring trip), a small ginger kitten has found love and care among the team members, and plans are being laid by one volunteer to bring this little kitty home to Canada.