Belize and the Saga of Lady B


Instead of your typical construction news from 2060 Upper James Street in Hamilton (our church building site), today why not enjoy some pictures from our other construction project… in Belize!

While a portion of the mission team hosts a dental clinic, the other portion works on construction of a new classroom at the little overcrowded school in the village of Billy White.

The team works under brutally hot conditions of up to 39 degrees Celsius! Szasza reports that it is “very hard work” but that a lot has already been accomplished.

Enjoy pictures of the construction, below, and make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom to read the very special story of “Lady B”.

(Photo credits to Szasza and Melissa)

The Saga of Lady B

A tiny furry companion has become the official mascot of our Belizean team. Each day a little dog comes to the worksite to spend time with the crew. She belongs to the house next door to the school that the team is working on, but she is not in the healthiest of shape.

As the team became more and more attached to “Lady B”, as she affectionately became known, a rescue plan was hatched. First, arrangements were made to purchase her from the house she belonged to. Next a vet was summoned to tend to her medical needs. And now, arrangements are being made for the vet to nurse her back to health, with the eventual plan to bring her home to Canada where she will be fostered by the Paz family until a suitable “furever home” can be found for this sweet little puppy.

Happy trails to you, Lady B! We hope to meet you soon here in Canada!