A Taste of Spring Brings More Favourable Work Conditions

March 1, 2018

This week’s reprieve in the weather meant a big boost in progress at the job site. Although another snow storm is predicted to arrive shortly, we now have a better idea of how quickly things can progress when the workers don’t have to spend so much time remediating with tarps and propane heaters.

Here are some photos Pastor Francis took this week.

Working on the inside wall of the east atrium

The outside wall of the north wing is done

The masonry on the north wing is progressing well. It’s amazing what sunshine and above-zero temperatures can do!

Office, bathrooms, and mechanical rooms

Masons working on the inside wall of the north wing

Masons working on the inside wall of the atrium

A great day to do masonry: the team is moving fast!

Door frames are in for the offices and bathrooms

A work in progress: The new Really Living Centre takes shape

A view from the north