A Safe Arrival and Busy First Day of Work


Our mission team has arrived safely in Belize, Central America. For the next week-and-a-half, this energetic and adventurous group will be helping improve the lives of residents in the tiny community of Billy White, as they complete a construction project at the local school and host a dental clinic for the children.

On the first day, despite a 2.5 hour ordeal in setting up the equipment, the dental team was able to serve the needs of 31 appreciative patients. A young man who fell just outside the age range of patients being treated, waited all day to see if the team could squeeze him in. Only 18 years old, and with no parents, he gratefully received treatment at the day’s end for cavities in his front teeth, eagerly telling one of the team members “I can smile now and have pictures taken!”

Keep checking back for updates on the team’s adventures in Belize.