A Hot Mess

September 10, 2018

As mentioned in our last post, one of the recent tasks underway at the church building site is the roofing. Here are some pictures from the “hot and messy” task of tarring the roof, as well as some other miscellaneous tasks being accomplished.

The kettle heats tar up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit and sends it to the roof via this pipe where it is spread with a mop to seal our roof. The auditorium, gym, and hallway are officially water-sealed.

Roof work

More roof work

A worker inserts a bag of tar into the kettle which immediately melts it into a hot mess! Just over 700 bags will be melted onto our roof before this process is over.

Three truck loads today alone (Sept 12), all delivering roofing materials!

Some siding is going up on the gym.

Spray foam insulation will help regulate temperatures, keeping us warm and cool at the appropriate times.

Putting the finishing touches on the stone and brick siding near the side entrance

It’s 28 feet to the bottom of those rafters. Any work up there requires a lift.

Insulation is key

Inserting bracing for the vents

Hauling mortar for the stone and brick layers

Getting the ground ready for pouring the slab