Teaching our children


is a sacred calling


At Really Living we want to teach kids about Jesus’ love in fun, creative, and relevant ways.

Our programs are designed to nurture children into an understanding that the Bible has wisdom for their lives that is equaled by nothing else in the world.

We’d love to see your family members grow in Jesus too! Why not join us this Saturday?

Our Saturday Schedule

AGES 3–10

10–10:50 am: Kidzone Session 1

Kidzone is an interactive program for ages 3–10 that happens weekly in the gym. It teaches children Bible truths through a variety of theme-based activities including songs, stories, crafts, games, snacks, and more.  >> More info…

11–11:30 am: Together Time

Our weekly together time enables all ages to experience a sense of inter-generational community. At 11 o’clock, all ages gather in the worship centre for our praise service (live music) and prayer.

11:30 am–12:30 pm: Kidzone Session 2

Kidzone continues in the gym while adults remain in the worship centre.

AGE 11–END OF GR. 8 (Earliteens)

10–10:50 am: Sabbath School

Earliteen participants dig deeper into Biblical concepts through teacher-led discussion.

11 am–12:30 pm: Main Service

Earliteens join the adults in the worship centre for our regular weekly main service.

First Saturday of the Month (watch Our Calendar for exceptions)

The first Saturday of each month is a special time when all ages stay together in the worship centre during the main service.

From 10–10:50 am children participate in the Sabbath School program where they unpack Biblical stories and concepts at an age-appropriate level, using the Seventh-day Adventist Sabbath School curriculum. Classes are divided as follows:

Kindergarten: Ages 3–5
Primary/Junior: Ages 6–10
Earliteen: Ages 11–end of Grade 8

All ages then gather together in the worship centre for the full main service.

Family Sabbaths give parents and adults the chance to model a grown-up, yet still meaningful, worship experience to their children. On Family Sabbaths you will often see children and youth taking part in the service in one way or another, helping them to hone their leadership skills and confidence.

On Family Sabbaths, a potluck fellowship lunch usually follows the main service.


Let’s just say that our Children and Youth Pastor, Daniel Madden, is willing to wear just about any hat if it will help young ones within his charge better understand how great is Jesus’ love for them. With a kind heart and a listening ear, Pastor Daniel leads a host of creative and relevant programs for the children and youth of Really Living and the greater Hamilton community.